Friday, August 15, 2008

Long Day

I don't know why he woke up at 7:00 when he just spent a restless night because of his colds. So poor me also hasn't properly slept yet.

And I don't know why he's more hyper than usual today, when nobody else can take care of him except Mommy.

And I don't know why climbing stairs or messing with the PC are the only things he wanted to do... so I either had to keep getting him back, or be subjected with his shrieks and tears when I put my foot down.

And today has made me realize yet again that my son doesn't consider me a proper playmate. And that I seriously lack creativity and resourcefulness. Mind you, getting small-ish things to put in a box worked like a charm... he played in his pen for a while so Mommy can get a break from all the running after him.

I also don't know why he bit Mommy... I mean, usually he just bites me while he nurses but he's never gigil-bitten me before. He's usually reserved that horrible behavior for his godmothers and Pappie. But he bit me. So hard. And am the type whose skin is very sensitive... now my shoulder seems to have been branded by a hot poker. And when Mommy put her foot down and refused to let him bite her again, he started biting his own arm.


I seriously don't know which is worse... him biting his arm or him finding a way to climb his stroller to stand on top of it, using the stair railings for support.

His grandparents told me, after i've childishly made sumbong, that my brother and Jojo's brother were biters as well. Both brothers are second-born.


Pappie insisted on being neutral even after i've not-so-gently reminded him that the Bible says that his loyalty should be to me. He says Yakee would be pitiful if I alone have an ally.


Now, my back feels broken, my nips and shoulders are sore, i'm on the verge of looking for an Abused Moms Anonymous group again... etc etc... and what do I see when I look at my sleeping beloveds?

Father and son asleep in the same position. So I smile. And find in my heart the grace to thank the Lord above for being so blessed.


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it's been a happy eight years and eight months of being your baby. *mwah* (and I swear, you'll get used to this template!)

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