Friday, August 15, 2008

Not So Negative

Since I missed my period last July, and have been gaining weight steadily, hubs thought that I must be preggy. We even made a bet of it, remember?

Anyway, hubs bought a preggy test kit last night and instructed me to take it and leave it for him to check when he wakes up this morning. So, I wrapped the indicator part with a post it (with a note saying "Mwah! Tell me asap if I need Folic Acid") and went to bed, already imagining myself preggy. I even thought I wouldn't be able to sleep but I was really exhausted.

Hubs checked it immediately after waking up and went up to us again. I saw a sort of sadness/disappointment in his face so I knew it was negative. After some cuddling and playing with our crazy, demanding tyke, he told me that maybe we should really go for another one already. Hehe.

When he was teasing me that I could not have gone to bed withoout looking at the test kit, I told him I was scared that it would be negative. I don't know, but from where am sitting (typing) right now, I just really find negative preggy test results sad. It's not that we really want another baby this soon. But we do want another baby definitely. And although we're having some issues managing our expenses because of Yakee (yup, always blame the child!), the addition to our family made our lives happier, more meaningful, and more purposeful. So, how can our hearts not flutter with anticipation at the prospect of another one?

Plus, i'd rather have more additions than a subtraction any day.

So, although the test result was negative... the realization that we can have another child and life would still be okay is liberating. Much like then when having our first was more than welcome. It further proves our sense of a solid marriage, and our faith that life will continue treating us right.


Happy long weekend guys. Spend it well.

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