Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ten Months More Precious

Mommy cooked carbonara for him, and even put mushrooms in it because he likes that. And yes, it's harder to make him look at the cam now, esply when Pappie has already egged him to mess with his cake. Notice how he's also holding his toe in the pic? :)

Sigh. He loves clapping his hands. He does it all the time. And our boy isn't sweet really, more engaging and flirtatious actually (in short, harot). He also stakes claims on me and his aunts when his cousin Ice is around (as if a 4-month old stands a chance).

He's also more apt to point at things and do the open-palm begging sign to indicate what he wants (generally, Mommy).

And although he still doesn't wake up at a fixed hour... we're at least back to him insisting on being ready for bed at 9:00 PM.

He eats everything! I try to limit his salts and sweets, and would give dessert so long as it's not in candy form (but really, we should drop even the cake and cookie bits since he's hyper all the time already). He loves sinigang! :) And he goes berserk at the smell of food (much like a dog would whimper and whine and go around in circles).

Speaking of circles, he loves crawling around his pen. Again and again and again.

And yes, his smile still melts our hearts.


He has been treating the wheels of his stroller as a steering wheel. Absolutely loves it. And he likes being on Pappie's lap to play with Maxime's steering wheel (one time, he even managed to signal left!) and would get utterly upset when I get him from his father.

So, Pappie being the pushover loving Pappie that he is, went out one day to find him his own steering wheel.

The smile on his face was pure angelic bliss.

Alas, the next time he encountered the toy, he opted instead to suck the suction cups (because you're supposed to attach it to a smooth surface to play with it) and that's how he's been playing with it ever since. Except for when he's using it as a step tool.


He managed to hoist half his body out/over his pen by push-climbing with his feet and hanging on with his arms. Heaven help us!

Pappie wants to put a ball chain on his foot now...


When he was six months and standing up, we were sure he'd be walking early like I did (at ten months). So when ten months passed with him still preferring to crawl (only standing on his own to clap), I realized that I need not have been concerned/excited before.

I mentioned that to everybody in the house.

A day after he turned ten months old... he took his first two steps on his own. And dang it, only Tita Ninang witnessed it because Pappie was still at work and Mommy was making the macaroni salad Pappie requested her to make.

I guess I spoke too soon.

And boy, oh boy, our boy is growing.


And then of course, there's mush here too...

Baby Jojo handed me this note before eating the carbonara I made last Thursday night....


'La lang, i'm just here at the seminar and missing you and Yakee. I realized that I seldom write notes or letters to you anymore and I do hope you wouldn't consider that as an indication that I do not care or love you.

Just would like to thank you for doing the best in taking care of Yakee. I couldn't ask for more from a wonderful partner. I do appreciate your sacrifices and would do my best to do my part of the bleeding. Anyways, I love you so much po.


Kaya it really pays to cook for your loved ones!

Hungree Burger for my hungry ones (but baby can only eat the bun)

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