Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Starbucks Date

Can you believe that after all these years, hubs and I only managed our first ever Starbucks date today?

Well, actually, there was this one time when I was still preggy that we hung out at Stabucks too, but that was not for dating reasons. Usually, we get our sinful frappes to go or hubs brings me some as pasalubong.

Anyway, out of the blue, I asked hubs to take me out on a date. So after grocery shopping with my sis, cousin and Yakee and having dinner, we brought them all home before heading to a Starbucks coffee shop in U.N. Avenue.

And although we mostly talked about Yakee and personal concerns we're going through (my struggles with my studies and his concerns and low morale at work), it really made me giggly happy to just have that hour and a half of alone time with him for bonding. We also appreciated the date very much because it made us realize how far we've come (I mean, we certainly didn't have the money for such expensive drinks back in college!).

I was so happy I didn't complain anymore that the barista messed up my drink (he/she forgot to put choco chips in my cream chip drink, which left me unable to get the fix the drink gives me).

I'm in love. And I validated that hubs is also as in love (esply since I was wearing a plunging neckline dress, wehehe). But however beautiful that short time away was, we were also still happy to come home and be greeted by our smiling son.


The father and son that walks the treadmill together... make for a nice video moment :)

It's a pity really that I never got to take a video of Yakee crawling on the treadmill when he was much younger, and learning to actually keep his balance by walking on it but supporting his upper half with both hands, also on the treadmill.

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