Thursday, September 18, 2008

Party Preparing

Because I want Yakee's costume to be made already, and his loot bags and what-not ready before time, and because I was avoiding Christmas shoppers in Divisoria, I opted to go asap.

I still haven't itemized it but I may have gone over-budget on some of the things. It sucked having to buy game prizes when you don't know how many minor and major ones you need. Hmmpf. Plus, there isn't much Harry Potter merchandise available... even Halloween stuff are overwhelmed by Christmas stuff.

But anyway...

I couldn't help myself, I just had to buy witches hats eventhough am not sure if the girls' heads are big enough already for them. Well, at least I could don one too. The satin fabrics on the right are for Yakee's costume. I bought chess sets (Wizard's Chess), puzzles, bubbles, crayon erasers, pencil cases, stickers, mini white boards, that whistle something that rolls out, poppers, glow sticks and a pumpkin.

love these pencil toppers! I thought of putting them inside the loot bags wth the water snakes but I think i'd still use them as prize. Have to buy pencils for them (the ones in Divi are printed with characters kasi). The Gringotts wizard is so cute :)

the good thing about my son's party effects is that we can also use them for trick or treating this Halloween... and isn't it obvious he's all set?

Have to return for the Gryffindor patches I had made in Recto this coming Saturday... and maybe finish the tarpaulin layout. Now, can I still really do Daily Prophet layouts? Hmm...


I know... career! :)

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