Friday, October 17, 2008

Freelance Blogging

I just received an invite from, a new community offering exposure for those who are into freelance (or 'paid') blogging. Maybe I should direct Hithari there so he could pick up a trick or two on how to further earn online. There is a wealth of tips listed in one of the forums already, generously provided by top earners.

Anyway. I know a lot of Moms who have been able to embrace SAHM-hood (stay-at-home-moms) because they can now steadily earn from their blogging pursuits. Paid posts, paid reviews, text/link ads and referrals, all these bring income. For the more industrious, earnings can even finance big purchases, such as grand birthday parties for kids or a family trip. Maybe even a branded bag or pair of shoes, come to think of it.

And with recession happening everywhere, earning from the internet cannot help but become more crucial. The extra dollars will allow many households to make ends meet. So I guess a lot of net freaks are like me right now, frenzily typing away blog posts, while juggling other aspects of my life.

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