Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CWL Multiplied

The apocalyptic meeting at Mega Mall

More bonding at the N@W Grand EB

With spouses and significant others
at Yakee's Party, with our costume-wearing kids

Five of us have already breastfed someone other than our spouse (nyahaha - Jacque, Con, Moi, Tin & Mai). One is due to give birth anytime (Chris). Four are still waiting for their own little darlings (Yna, Wella, Karla and Charie).

We sometimes get so busy to even correspond via e-mail, what more, bloghop. Con is busy with bazaars. Jacque has put up her own party-planning business. Mai is being sucked dry by her voracious son. Tin is juggling double jobs. Yna and Karla and Charie are all super busy at work. Wella is not that busy nor talkative these days. I have just lost sleep yet again over a sick son.

Life has went on for us.

Our husbands have been promoted, changed jobs, and pursued new careers while half of them has also taken on the job of father and primary provider.

Life has went on indeed.

And we find we could count on each other more and more.

It was a blessed day indeed when we discovered a friend in each other.

Love you girls. And it goes without saying, our kids are the cutest!!! :)

The few pics i've taken at my son's party are here.

Nel ni Con also took pics and posted them here.

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