Thursday, October 09, 2008

Is It Time for Pets Already?

Because of our son's glee over animals, and his lack of fear of them (from cockroaches to cats eating birds to crabs), Pappie Jojo has broached the subject of us getting pets for yakee already.

He brought it up by asking me what I'd do if he just came home one night beaing a puppy or kitten. I answered with a stony silence.

Then he began asking me if i'd prefer a bird instead, or goldfish. Then he got his entire family in on the thing, asking his youngest brother what he thinks Yakee will like the most. Luis, of course, suggested a turtle or something similar Scorky (their squirrel).

I definitely vetoed the idea of any rodents/rodent-looking pet like hamsters and rabbits and guinea pigs. Hubs was kinda surprised to know that I didn't like rabbits and do not find them cute. Ahehe.

And then last night, there was something on the news about not having exotic animals as pets because they can be vehicles for diseases that wouldn't be easily detected or cured.

It's not really that I don't want to have pets ever. I actually believe they can teach a thing or two about compassion and responsibility in kids. But I don't want pets when my kids are still too young to actually care for them (sort of me having kids when I know I am old enough). And I don't want to have a dog when we don't have a yard yet for the dog to play in. Pet food is easy, there are even stores offering holistic dog food now. But a yard is a must!

Anyway, we'll see when Yakee is around five years old already. Besides, I want one or two more babies in the near future so that should keep me busy.

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