Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Pressure's On

Suffice it to say, this (last October 03) was my best birthday ever.

And my son's party yesterday was a blast.

So when my darling husband asked if we both enjoyed our birthdays, I kissed him and said YES for both Yakee and me.

And although am (quite) sure that he was only kidding (you were, Baby, right?) when he quipped something about how he's raised the bar high for us and his birthday next month, I actually feel the pressure already of delivering as well. After all, I did say I had the happiest birthday ever, right?

In a way, it isn't fair. My happiness was (is) cake. His happiness will always be gadgets. I cannot afford gadgets!

But anyway, if you have a brilliant idea for what a SAHM can do for her husband that wouldn't require much money (since we're now zero balance from our son's party), kindly e-mail me at delisyus at gmail dot com. Thank you! :)

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