Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Intentional Parents: Homeschooling Conference Attendance

I will always love my husband more for agreeing to come to the 2nd Philippine Homeschooling Conference which was held las Saturday. Unfortunately, the Conference didn't turn out to be the venue for his questions and concerns that we were hping it would be.

See, because it was the initiative of Christian organizations (CCF and TMA), most of the talks were about God. Not that they weren't enlightening and helpful, but the Conference still left much to be desired when it comes to homeschooling.

Then again, they all stressed that homeschooling will only succeed if, like in a marriage, you enter it out of love for God. Because it's your faith and your values that will see you through the days when the going gets tough, when your kids are resistant to learning, when you, as their mentor, is lacking inspiration and creativity.

We did meet a couple from Nueva Ecija though who shared with us that theirs have been a rewarding journey in general, eventhough they've only started homeschooling this year. And the mother said that no child will ever exchange the time he learns from his parents over having friends of the same age in a school setting.

Personally, I have a problem with MY temper... but I really want a chance to homeschool my kids. I believe it's a privilege I cannot deny them, given the fact that there are more bad elements out there that parents worry about.

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