Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Thoughts on Parenting

I know of a Mom who is proud that her kids don't just get to read about places in books, they actually get to go to those places.

And I know of parents who are planning their family size carefully because they don't want to not be able to afford something for their child. Another Dad I know doesn't want anymore children even, because he wants to be able to give the best things money can buy for his one daughter.

I get where they're coming from, eventhough I don't feel as strongly about them in wanting to provide those things. I mean, I do hope my kids will travel more than I and Pappie Jojo ever did, see more of the world and have a bigger perspective. And yes, I do hope I can provide them with good things... I just never really got sold on the idea that the good things have to always cost so much.

And after shopping for contents for our Christmas loot bags in Divi, I realized that inasmuch as I hope we'd be able to give our kids a comfortable life, I really also hope i'd never see the day when a child of mine will come face-to-face with a poor person and he/she will act condescendingly towards that person. I hope we don't bring up kids who'd measure their worth or our love for them with where we get to send them to school or whether they can afford the latest in everything.

And I hope they'd always be aware that there are people who are less fortunate than they are, and that they'd always be thankful for their good fortune... having two parents who love them, that is, and not being able to drink Starbucks frappes anytime they want one.


I remember my boss before, who told me about how her husband was a little sad when she got pregnant with their 5th child. He told her, he was hoping he'd be able to provide well for their kids. She countered him by asking, "how do you define provide? were you hoping to buy them each a car? because, yes, we cannot do that... but if you meant, we'd send them to good schools, provide a home for them, clothe and feed them properly, have family trips once in a while... that's certainly very doable."

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