Tuesday, December 02, 2008

December's Come

Time sure flies so fast once you hit the BER months. I can't believe it's December already.

My darling son has tried his best to uproot three Christmas trees already (ours, at my parents, at hubs' parents). Since he can't, he just keeps plucking the trimmings so all trees end up looking awkward after he's had his way with them.

And our little angel is also slowly displaying monster tantrums. We're just thankful that it doesn't last long and usually means he just wants to go out, or be played with, or he's sleepy. He can easily be distracted from it, and you can still get him to smile. I feel they're mostly because he's unable to express himself yet.

But overall, he's a joy. An exhausting, demanding handful, but still a joy.

Hubs and I are semi-worried about all the recession and global economic decline, wondering how it will affect us, naturally. Mommy is hormonal due to irregular cycles so she's gained so much weight in the last weeks (then again, considering all the baking we do at my in-laws, it's actually a miracle already that am not yet a whale). But overall, we're fumbling but happy parents.

And though the Christmas season is going to see us with limited funds and hubs working overtime (as they move to a new office and close accounts/projects), in my heart of hearts I know that the year has been a great one for us. One filled with so many blessings. One filled with many intangible rewards.

And we're all still very much in love!

Love you, my sleeping babies

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