Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Disposing Toys

The practical, logical thing to do when you find your home invaded by chests of toys for just one small child is to dispose of some.

After all, he doesn't really play with all of them. And at one year old, he doesn't even really miss any of them when they're kept away. Plus, more are coming his way this Christmas.

But how do you dispose of them when very close loved ones gave those toys? My own mother, for instance, invested so much on stuffed toys and electronic toys for my son. And now, he's taken to throwing some of them on the floor just to hear them crash.

just some of his electronic toys (he has two of that Fisher Price storybook)

We've only managed to give a stuffed bear and car to a charity cause. And a stuffed tiger, I think. Meanwhile, his stuffed dog needs to be washed already and one of the Leap Frog caterpillars isn't 'singing' anymore.

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