Monday, December 15, 2008

Should Have Declared Recession

We went grocery shopping yesterday for our needs and Christmas requirements and our bill amounted to some P6.5k.


Should have declared a recession and just shopped for our needs. The ingredients for the cathedral windows alone amounted to almost P1k because I bought the more expensive Strawberry-flavored Nestle cream. Then again, it IS Christmas. I know I can forgive myself.

And I am actually happy I managed to find good gifts to our nieces and nephews within the budget I set (P100 below for plain pamangkins, P200 below for godchildren). I am still trying to win the battle against buying any new toys for Yakee though, because hubs cannot be denied. He at least went for non-branded stacking cups (because I told him that's what Yakee should be playing with and enough with the electronic toys for a while, which he just throws and stamps on).

And we have got to use some of my hubby's bonus on our car, Maxime. She has served us so well.


Btw, my hubby is the best! He got me a copy of Tales of Beedle the Bard. Sigh.

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