Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Better Yakee

... also means a more willful, playful, spirited Yakee.

And too bad for him, since his poop is still soft, we're only allowing crackers and meatless porridge and banana and apple for him. Hubs can't wait to give him Pediasure so we'd easily recover whatever he lost from the week-long confinement due to acute gastroenteritis. Hehe.

It just occurred to me that I could have entered the above pic at Babycentral since he's wearing red, mainly because that's the only standard that is being followed it seems. If i'm to be honest, i'm starting to get annoyed with all the messages and e-mail alerts I get from moms asking for votes in that site. I mean, sure, you want your child to be showcased and discovered... but the truth is, not all babies are THAT cute, and some pictures could have been better taken. I mean, if you're going to pimp your child, can't you also make sure it's worth other people's while?

Oh and it's so sad that Nido had an age requirement because I was really excited about joining. Hehe.

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