Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yakee's Recovering

We still don't really know if it's a result of taking antibiotics (a sort of intolerance for it, like Mommy has)... or our son is just like any other child out there who caught some viral thing that resulted in gastroenteritis (the ER is overflowing with similar cases and hospitals, I here, are full of admitted kids suffering from the same malady)... but anyway, he turned One year and Three Months in the hospital.

It's what... our fourth-fifth day here?

Good thing though... he's recovering already. He's taken to chewing or tugging his IV tube though, or pushing his IV stand around the room, and crying after doctors or nurses (while other kids cry when they arrive, he does when they leave without him). It breaks our heart to see him beg for the food we eat, and abolutely drives me crazy that Oresol, Pedialyte and even Gatorade makes him gag.

We're just thankful we can afford the hospital care (though this is via an HMO) because I can't help but think of all those other kids who might be etting sick because of the colder clime.

Hopefully, we can go home tomorrow. People have promised Yakee so many things already just so he'd recover fast (his fave food, trips out, milk beverages, fattening up, etc).

Not really how I hoped our first week into the New Year would be... but all in all, our son is still a healthy boy, and that's all that counts.


I, however, have binged so much from the stress of it all... which is bad, seeing as hyubs and I have already come up with our health plan.

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