Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks for Him

Leave it to hubs to make me feel all the more loved even after I abandoned him and Yakee two nights ago. I guess you know it's true love indeed if you're already going ballistic and all your partner wants is to hug and kiss you more.

Anyway, since i've gotten some good sleep too, I think the PMS madness has come to pass. And hubs has given me the perfect reason to go and plan our plane ride trip come March. He says I might be preggy later on this year anyway, and he wouldn't really feel comfy flying with me.

So maybe we'd go to Balay Indang on our wedding anniversary instead. And maybe we'd go there sans Yakee. We haven't left him behind yet and he'd be two by then already... I think we wouldn't feel as guilty.


But the anniversary thing we're really going to do is attend a basic parenting skills seminar. It would be the best investment anyway.


Hubs came to work wearing a pink barong I bought for him. He looked so cute!!!

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