Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bye Nanay

Am kinda sad that Yakee and I didn't get to come with hubs to bury Nanay. I'm also feeling guilty, thinking maybe we should have skipped yesterday so that we didn't get tired to come today.

But Yakee ran a fever early this morning and I have colds and coughs bad. And it could be from exhaustion from last night (Yakee made people laugh by dancing in front of the coffin... a lot!) or the fact that the virus that got us in its grip has grown strong and evil in our bodies.

I have a bad sore throat too... and am just hoping Yakee doesn't have the same because it really sucks to swallow. I may need antibiotics... haay.

But Nanay... I will really miss you. And I hope you know that Jojo will always have fond memories of you to share with us.

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