Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holy Week in Marinduque

Suffice it to say, we were spoiled rotten with MIL's nurturing, the flowing food and the fresh air of sea. Going back to Manila was literally painful, especially for Yakee who got so used to roaming around.

We had great fun! And it was great to share the Moriones Festival with hubs' family. Yakee wasn't scared of the Morions, mascots and all the raging din at all. He even danced to the beat :)

Our Holy Week in pictures:

our flight with Zest Airways was okay, and
Yakee slept during both flights

my babies slept and swam a lot

while I ate a lot (there were at least three
gallons of ice cream, fruits (mangoes, watermelon,
bananas, grapes), seafood (fish, crabs, shrimp),
snacks (from fried Kropek to Toblerone)

we enjoyed the scenery

we joined in on the Moriones festivities

Yakee had great fun

as in super fun!

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Too bad we can't get cheap tickets anymore for May. (But I did buy tickets for our July Boracay trip already)

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