Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The family just came from spending Holy Week in Marinduque. Needless to say, we were pampered like crazy. Mom-in-law must have bought at least five kilos of local crabs and two gallons of ice cream as my welcome treat. I only ate about two kilos of the crabs (or three) because there were shrimps and fish and more ice cream the following days.

We just basically ate, lounged, ate, lounged. Sure, we sometimes went to the towns to enjoy the Moriones Festival and we made sure to go swimming every afternoon but still, we basically just ate and lounged. Yakee had more exercise because he kept surveying the place.

Hubs and I talked about becoming healthier people after this binge. So now I am checking out a health blog while also editing pictures of our trip and catching up on mails. Can you believe it, I didn't go online for five days!!!

And hubs and I better shape up a little because we intend to go back to that wnderful haven of theirs in May. The family will be complete then so food and drinks would be flooding, not just flowing! Plus, I had a hard time finding a new bathing suit that flatters my blah shape.

Yakee's swimming lessons with Lozada starts tom!

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