Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sink or Swim

I was asking a friend if they've already enrolled their son in swimming lessons and he told me that he's still thinking twice about it. When asked why, he reasoned that he's wondering if being taught to swim would do his son good. He further said that not knowing how would mean his son will be more cautious and he need not worry about his son drowning. He also said that it's those who know how to swim who often get into accidents and die because they were confident to go where the water is deep.

I was bothered by this exchange. And I told hubs about it. It isn't that I wanted to pull Yakee out of his swimming lessons, but I wondered if our decision is really putting him at risk. I wondered if empowering my son in general would put him at more risks in general.

Great thing hubs helped me put things in perspective. First, he said he doubts that those who know how to swim are in greater risk of drowning. It's just that the fact that they do know how to swim but they drowned nonetheless makes their death more tragic, and thus, more remembered. Hubs says he still believes that people who know how to swim are more likely to survive plane crashes and sinking ships and if they still die, then it's just really their time.

So we rekindled our commitment to being the kind of parents who will empower our kids. We cannot guarantee successes and we cannot foresee any mishap, but we really hope we can give them all the tools and skills they need to make good decisions.

Plus, Yakee loves the water and loves 'swimming'. We enrolled him in BLSS classes to see if it's something he really likes doing (aside from provide an outlet for all his nervous energy). We superficially dream he'd be another Michael Phelps but really, we just want him to be a happier child.

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