Friday, April 03, 2009

Starting April with a Date

My PMS was such that my relationship with hubs got a little strained. Not strained enough to threaten our marriage, but strained enough to make us both feel bad.

And so, we went on a date. A date wherein we mostly just held hands and talked about our son. Sometimes, there'd slip a memory of something we used to do in our conversations (like that phase of frying Kropek thingies at home) but we mostly talked about our son.

Hubs even bought a height chart and kite for him. And we bought sunblock. And books.

But it was nice, being out and just with him. It definitely cleared the air. We also have that massage date on Monday so we'd have a headway on R&R before Holy Week vacation really starts. Then Wednesday, we fly to Marinduque to bask in the sun and sea.


I love you Baby. And true, we are both really lazy. Hehe.

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