Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wet and Full

SIL brought her daughter's big pool which we set up in MIL's garage. So while stuffing ourselves with all the food at MIL's, we let the kids catch colds playing in their pool.

Half of the Arevalo clan will be in marinduque this Holy Week, while the other half is going there in May. They're trying to convince us to go again in May but we're really not sure if we can afford another trip there.

Marinduque in itself is a cheap place, plus, given that they have a home there, we can really save lots in accommodations. But it can be an exhausting land trip or expensive plane ride for a weekend getaway.


We have so many last-minute things to buy and prepare for this trip. But Yakee already has three swimming trunks packed, hehe.

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