Sunday, May 10, 2009

Because Of You, I Am One

I may have dreamed and planned
and waited to be a Mom
but I never would have done it
could never have been one
had you not been holding my hand
If you didn't promise
to love and cherish me forever
and if you didn't show it
proved it, lived it
every day of the week
every hour of each day
I may never have found the courage
nor the heart to give of myself

had you not been literally
holding my hand
and crying with me
in all those times of uncertainty
during my difficult pregnancy
and had you not told me
you loved me
in the delivery room
right before our son was born
i don't think I would ever have
kept my faith
that the best is yet to come
and had you not loved him
just as much as I do
had you not bled and cried
or laughed and rejoiced
as much and as deeply
as I have
I might not have reaped
the rewards of being a Mom

Pappie, my darling
I know a child makes someone
a parent
but it's your love
that reassures me
this is who i'm meant to be

And it's because I love you
that I also love being a Mommy.

Because it is the truth. I have always wanted to be a Mom. But I would never have allowed myself to be one without a partner who loves me, life, and children as much as I do. So as I celebrate my motherhood, I also celebrate the love that inspired it.

And I thank God all the more.

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