Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Divi Day and Sharing

I went shopping for school bags in Divi today for my nieces and nephew. I also went there to buy sandos and everyday panties for them. Naturally, Divisoria was teeming with sellers and shoppers.

Branded stroller bags (Barbie and the like) cost P1k+ which was beyond my budget. But my niece who wants a stroller bag is my godchild and is very charming and studies hard, so I scoured Divi for a cheaper (but sturdy) alternative. I bought a pink one that cost P500 which gave me extra money to buy her brother (who's perpetually envious that his sister gets a lot of gifts) a backpack too. Then I bought my fave niece a cool, non-branded backpack. Three bags for less than P1k is a good bargain!

I've also gone over Yakee's stuff to give to my cousin whose wife just had a child. Old, seldom-used feeding bottles, sippy cups (Yakee never really used any of them), a comforter set (because Yakee didn't even really use the set we bought for him), some toys.

Twas when I was going home, laden with the bags and hankies and socks and sandos I bought for them that I realized how lucky those kids are about having me as an aunt. And this I say with no intention of building myself up. It's just that i've really always saved money to buy them stuff before school starts and for Christmas. And it's not like I am earning a lot now. It's also not like we're not affected by the recession because we are. It's just infinitely more depressing and hard for me not to somehow help provide for them.

These are the kids of generally poor parents... and i've always thanked my husband for understanding my need to share my blessings with them. So again, these kids are blessed to have us for aunt and uncle, not because we have much to give, but because we're willing to.

Thank God there really are rewards for cheerful givers.

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