Monday, May 04, 2009

Memoir Monday 01: Commitment

Wifespeaks: Memoir Monday

It's the first Memoir Monday over at Wifespeaks. When I saw the theme, HAM OR EGGS immediately came to mind. So I won't be posting pictures of our wedding anymore. And since I am too lazy to look for a picture of ham, i'm using a picture of pork food instead.

Commitment is all about being a pig, not a chicken. A chicken gives of itself but it stays the same (and alive). A pig, however, gives itself. Totally. Irrevocably. But since it's in poor taste to ask, "Are you chicken or pig?", we ask instead, "Are you ham or eggs?"

Marriage is a lot like being ham. Sure, you stay alive, but you are transformed. You become someone new, something new. You cannot say you're just going to give a part of you, because you have to give all of you. And if you married the right person, you become someone better, someone more valuable. Because now you are not just a person, but a member of a sacred institution. Later on, you may even become a parent, and thus affect the future.

I like to believe both hubs and I are hams :) The choicest cuts of hams! :)

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Jen said...

katuwa naman tong entry mo. profound and does make sense. lavet sis! we're hams too. :D

Here's my entry:

MrsPartyGirl said...

flu or not, hams din kami ng asawa ko :) this also would have been a perfect entry to foodie wednesday! :D

sana din our daily blog carnivals will help you write more regularly! ganda mo kaya magsulat. :)

thanks for joining WSMM! :D

d3nd3n said...

this post is beautiful, mec. :)

nel's bebi said...

i love your take on the WS theme! galeng! thanks for joining ha. join us again next week, pde rin bukas? heheh

Twinkie said...

Hello Delish! As your name suggests, I'd like to come back for more "delish" entries like this. Wow! Galing!

I joined too. Mine's here. :)

May said...

Kami rin ham! Ham sarap at ham sweet! Love this perspective on the topic. :) :)