Monday, June 22, 2009

Pappie Acknowledged

Unfortunately, Father's Day dawned on us with Yakee being fussy, starting at two in the morning. He's majorly constipated and I had to spend an hour with him downstairs at past 3, feeding him cereals and encouraging him to strain and push his poop out.

I was stressed. Pappie was stressed because I was stressed.

But still, Pappie Jojo woke up to this:

That's Yakee's foot and hand print. It was hard getting it done so I had to settle for one of each. Plus, because I was hung up and losing sleep over NCIS, I forgot to do it earlier. But anyway, that's what Pappie woke up to.

I cooked a lunch of beef salpicao and squash soup. Then for dinner, I cooked fried chicken and tuna pasta. Hubs bought an ice cream cake to complete our Father's Day feast. And true to form, he also went and bought our son a new trumpet and recorder (because he's already broken the drum and trumpet I bought him last Wednesday).

Living up to the name of provider though, hubs spent the whole night till around 6 or 7 this morning working.

Happy Father's Day Pappie... we love you!

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