Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Uncommon Night Out

Twas not really an official date. I attended a bloggers event for Newport City (check out my post on Maxims Hotel) last Thursday. It so happened that hubs is in charge of the installation of the PABX system for their hotels and offices so hubs knew where I was going. I just asked the contact people if my hubby could follow and they accommodated him. It also gave him an opportunity to see the Newport City bosses (who he meets with and reports to sometimes) in a more casual setting. The president of Global Alliance even ended up learning baccarat with us.

This pic was taken in the bedroom model which we got to see. Hubs kidded me to never ask him to stay in one, hehe, because the rooms (once the hotel is finished) will start at $500/night.

It was almost midnight when we finished learning to play the casino games (we realized that we're both unlucky in gambling) and picture taking. We dropped off two of my fellow bloggers near their work and got home at around 12:30 AM, with our darling son sort of waiting for us. Poor baby, both Mommy and Pappie were out! But his Ninang read to him naman :)

We got Enduranz capsules and Slenda dance videos for giveaways. Hmmm...

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