Monday, June 15, 2009

Scary, Funny Episode

I started re-reading Pet Sematary by Stephen King... it's about a family who moved to a new place where an old Micmac burial ground had powers that could bring the dead back into life. Usually, people used the place to bring back their dead pets but circumstances drove a father to bringing his 2-year old son back from the dead.

I asked hubs if he thinks he'd ever want to bring me back from the dead. I believe he said something mushy in reply, like, he wouldn't need to since i'd be remain alive in his heart or something like that.

Anyway, I decided to finish the novel last night. I was at the part where the father, exhausted from all the grave robbing and burying he did, fell asleep while waiting for his son to come back. I was reading about the arrival of a bad smell, of soft feet thudding in the dead of night, lost in Stephen King's description of how the dead baby is slowly making his entrance into his parents' bedroom... and then I felt chomping at my chest! My blasted son was dreaming and decided to bite one of my boobies in his sleep!! Man, was I scared enough to not have been able to shriek!!!

This is the last time I read horror novels with my son on my lap! And seriously, aside from the sad thoughts it may bring, don't read about (or watch) baby monsters when you have a child of the same age :D

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