Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Feast

Weekends at the in-laws usually mean two things: food and bonding.

Since it was my two SILs and BIL's birth month, we had a major feast during the weekend. Steamed crabs, big pots of shrimp and orange spare ribs, an entire lechon from CDO and four different ice cream flavors. That was Friday night. Saturday, we went to Tagaytay for bulalo and gotong batangas at the marketplace, raisin bread at Bag of Beans dipped in the hot chocolate of Mushroom Burger (and of course, Mushroom Burger for take out).

In between, we all had japanese corn bought at the roadside.

Our car's clutch had problems so we had to leave it to be fixed after our brief stop at Ilog Maria. Good thing the 13 of us (2 grandparents, 5 sons and daughters, 3 in-laws and 3 grandkids) could still fit in FIL's starex.

Sunday, there was Chowking food, lechon paksiw and more ice cream and this luxurious mango cake from Conti's.

The kids were yelling, we were yelling after them, the grandparents were doting. We exchanged notes and tips as well as shared stories on parenting and growing up, since kids on sugar high can be pretty handful (esply since they also sort of know that the grandparents will dote on them and protect them from their 'mean' parents). Yakee at least doesn't really love chocolates... but Iya and Lianne feasted on them (as well as my meringue).

Sure enough, we had a blast. And we're already planning future trips and asking the grandparents to invest in a mini-coaster to accommodate all of us (since we do plan to further multiply).

Pictures to follow.

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