Friday, July 10, 2009

Creatively Senti

Our son, like most toddlers, rendered his drum set broken and useless. We were left with the two main rings, one of which was already broken. I decided to follow Brainy Baby's advice of making our own tambourine (eventhough I know we actually have one somewhere... i've taken to keeping Yakee's toys when he refuses to pack them up so am not sure where's which). Now comes the senti part. The bells I used are the last bells from our wedding reception. They were our kissing bells.

I was literally beaming with pride and sentimentality after I finished making this. Unfortunately, my son prefers the rubber band around the ice cream container as makeshift percussion.

But at least, Mommy beamed :)


I am still a hopeless case when it comes to finding a bathing suit I like. Some look just okay (and I have three okay swimsuits already) so am really looking for a nice, cute or sexy one. Some of those I try don't have enough support for the boobies. And drat my son, he kept coming in and out and playing with the dressing room curtain when I was fitting suits earlier. Sigh.


Stressful weekend ahead... we're visting FIL in the hospital. Hope he gets well soon and the kids won't be very kulit when we're there.

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