Sunday, July 05, 2009

The 33rd Pedia Talk Live

It was my first time to attend one and I coerced the hubby to attend it with me. I made him register, hehe.

The event was okay. But since we were there at 8:00 and the talks started at almost 10 AM, we were really disappointed. Not only could we have spent more time sleeping or eating breakfast, but we also need not have rushed away from our son (who we decided to leave behind so we could concentrate on the speakers).

The venue of course was impressive. It was Dusit Thani after all, we had flowing coffee and water, nice comfort rooms, well-ventilated and lit activity areas. But the exhibits by sponsors was not really that great. And to think we paid P100 each to enter. I mean, comparing it to Expo Mom, I got more loot and pointers there than here.

And there was a lot of disorganization giving away the Privilege Kit and loot bags. I am torn between blaming the organizers (for not anticipating and planning properly) and the attendees (we were all parents for heaven's sake, but 70% couldn't be bothered to line up for the goodies). I am not going to be a hypocrite and say that I don't like freebies, because I do, but I was surprised that those parents weren't behaving any better than say, less educated people (at least, where distribution of loot is concerned).

I did get a Parenting Bites DVD that tackled picky eating and homeschooling. In the process of buying one, I met someone from the Catholic Filipino Academy who sort of congratulated our decision for me to stay home and homeschool in future. She also reminded me that in terms of formal training, the homeschoolers battlecry is always BETTER LATER THAN SOONER. :)

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