Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Exhausting Bonding, Celebrating Series

We started with an almost closing time trip to Rob last Friday, just to eat at DQ. While Yakee kept stumbling down and falling on his face on the floor (4 times) and hubs kept running after him and making sure he doesn't get picked up by someone (while also feeding him the straberry banana Blizzard), I sat watching my beloeveds and feeling every bit blessed.

Saturday though, I woke up with throbbing tonsils so we had to go to the ENT first before meeting up with the Plurk Moms at Shang. Yakee discovered a music store and spent the time oggling at drums and guitars. Then we discovered there was a Jollitown event. Again, twas Pappie who attended to him while I gabbed with the Plurk Moms about all the usual topics we discuss in Plurk.

Then we went home to properly send off my sister to the life waiting for her in Michigan.

Sunday, we attended hubs' colleague's daughter's Christening. John is Yakee's godfather and he also got hubs to be his Jaden's godfather.

After that, we went with my siblings to Star City for a last bonding thingie between us siblings. My sister and I tried to ride all the wilder rides and it was really great being silly like a kid again. Pappie and I went into the haunted house thingie and such things scare me (am not exactly afraid of ghosts but I hate getting surprised) so upon enetering, I already had my arms wrapped around my darling husband's solid body and kept my eyes shut. I just let him drag me around while he laughed. Then we agreed to tell my sister that it was super scary inside so she'd be more frightened. We had to take turns riding the carnival rides because of the babies.


Last night, we had an impromptu movie date to watch Transformers 2. It was laughable because I spent half the time asking hubby questions (because I never really saw the first movie and didn't follow the cartoon as a kid) while he also kept signing to me to watch the movie. But it was still super nice to be cuddling over popcorn.

Yup... we're all still in love!

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