Friday, July 03, 2009

Too Funny Not To Share

Hubby usually commutes on Thursdays because the car is coding and he doesn't want to bother with going to work super early or beating the time he's allowed on the road. Last night, he hitched with a colleague up to Baclaran and planned to commute from there.

Since it is Baclaran, the streets were crowded and the pace was slow for everybody walking. Hubby was also uber paranoid already that his bag might be cut up and something will be stolen so he also kept looking back, to make sure, which must slow him down some more.

And then he felt it, something poking, nudging his back. He turned to see an old woman who waspishly said aloud, "Bilisan mo naman, taeng-tae nako!" ("Hurry, I need to poop already!")

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