Thursday, July 16, 2009

They Need Two Parents

Children need two parents. One to hold them close, one to let them go. One to cuddle with gently, one to play with roughly. One to worry about catching colds, one to worry about missing fun. One to worry about the ocean waves, the other to dip said child in those same waves.

Spending a very rainy vacation here in Boracay made me realize again why I chose Pappie Jojo. It's not that we're different. But it's because we bring something different into the relationship. And our son is lucky to have two parents to balance things out for him. One to let him play to his heart's content in the rain, the other to make sure that having fun doesn't result in getting sick. So our son ends up happier... because he is kept healthy and gets to play again and again.

Pappie always says in jest that he is the fun parent, mainly because he is more willing to run after a playful, exploring Yakee. Plus, he can handle the rough play our son likes more than I can. I, however, know if Yakee's hungry, sleepy, has had enough excitement, and is scared. And though Pappie can reassure Yakee, I am still the main source of comfort for our son. Sometimes, these roles can get exhausting. Sometimes, we do feel a tinge of jealousy for the other (after all, i'd love to hear Yakee laugh as hard as he does with Pappie, and am sure Pappie would love it if just a hug from him can quiet Yakee down and stop the tears). But it is this duality enjoyed by our son that he anchors to... which makes him more confident and independent and self-reliant.

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