Sunday, July 19, 2009

Opportunity for Gratitude

Actually, the word that comes to mind really is DISASTER!

The whole time we were in Boracay, I have been berating myself for having chosen these dates, for choosing to go to Boracay in July (knowing it's rainy season but wanting to save some money from all the off-peak rates and fees), for choosing to go from Wednesday to Sunday. Three out of the five days we were there, it was raining. Our garden-view room at White Beach de Boracay required stepping on gravel and sand sacks to get to because the area was flooded. And we had to cut short an island hopping tour because everyone on the boat was gnashing teeth from the cold of a constant downpour.

I blamed myself eventhough I couldn't have possibly known there'd be a typhoon. I knew it would be rainy but not stormy.

And all Caticlan flights being rerouted to Kalibo should have been omen enough. Twas a hassle because it took almost all day to travel to Boracay. And now this. Stranded in Kalibo because the airport was closed at 2 PM due to runway problems, and nobody had the foresight to inform us when we were still in Caticlan, where we could have been given an option to return to Boracay or not. Nobody is paying for our accommodations here in Kalibo and we opted to stay in a fan-room pension house that's close to the airport rather than go somewhere nicer but farther. We are told to wait for their call tomorrow. And the most tricycle drivers here say we can go to is Gaisano Mall... ahehe. We are miles away from any beach and certainly months away from the Ati-Atihan Festival.

But we had great fun in Boracay, eventhough twas raining most of the time. Yakee didn't get sick from all the rain and cold. I got all the seafood fix that I wanted and we got to shop for new shirts (Boracay shirts!). And though we were low on cash, all we needed was to withdraw from the ATM. And hubs is boss enough at work not to be worried about being fired, and I don't work. We didn't have connecting flights to catch.

So this is indeed an opportunity for gratitude. We're annoyed and tired and this is still such a hassle but it could have been worse, and it wasn't. The other stranded passengers were screaming upset because they'd be missing their flights back to their countries, and some were talking about just camping at the airport because they really don't have extra money for rooms anymore.

Right now, our son is dancing while eating fish spring rolls here at L@tte while I blog. Life is still good and indeed, more bonding time with my boys :)

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