Sunday, August 09, 2009

And the Winner Is...


Well, it was sweet of hubs to tell me before they made the announcements that no matter what happens, I will always be a winner for him. Ahehe.

Anyway, last Friday, went with hubs to the Awarding by Nuffnang and Goldilocks for their You're The 1 Goldilocks Contest. We had fun decorating our free cakes, I was in ecstasies with all the free canvas bags (we got 6 in all, hehe, without even asking for more) with past issue mags (at least they're 2009 issues), and of course, it was great just spending time with hubs.

And okay, I won consolation prize! :)

During the drive to Fully Booked, a bird pooped on the windshield and I kidded hubs' that we'd win something. I think a bigger bird should have pooped because we missed all the real prizes (laptops). But then again, a P2,500 gift certificate from Goldilocks isn't bad at all. I won it for my entry I wrote for the contest.

Pappie's masterpiece

mine (I used up all the sugar animals
around the cake

the grand winner, Noemi

they gave me 2 extra canvas bags here, and another two
after realizing they lost the GCs

with Dingdong Dantesm the special guest

hamming ity up at the Photobooth

After the event, we shopped for books (I got 3) and had Starbucks frappes. Then we watched NCIS episodes.

Saturday, hubs and Yakee went with me to the Milk Code Forum. I am such a loved and supported SAHM! :)

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