Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Updating With Morbid Conversations

I didn't update this blog for the longest time in its history, I think, because I was sad. And if Mommy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, right?

Anyway, I was really in a bad mood the rest of August and the mood only lifted this recent long weekend, which started with Pappie and I shopping (well, it started the night before that, really *wink*).

And no, I don't usually shop to cheer myself up. And though we bought tops for myself, most of what we bought were really for Yakee. And we bought a new luggage which hubby will use in his trip to Malaysia this week. But hubs and I had dinner alone and I felt reconnection I was missing.


Saturday, we spent with my NGO friends of over a decade. Pappie was so gracious to allow me to give some of our money to help out my friend with a kidney problem. And during the ride home to my in-laws, we talked about whether we'd have gotten married if one of us had as serious an illness, or if we'd have had a child. I mean, if you know you'd need a lot of money just to fight for your life, will you really bring a child into that equation? Then again, if you know that anytime, you could die, wouldn't you want to leave something of you behind that isn't material?


Sunday, we all went to Silang, Cavite to accompany MIL in checking out one of their properties. After that, we baked fudgies. I got a kick seeing hubby and BIL creaming the butter and making the dough while 'competing' for their Mom's attention ("I got the premium butter because I am the favorite", "No, you got less butter because it's directly proportional to your brain") and making us laugh with their banter. The kiddos got a kick from sampling the buttered sugar and what's left in the bowl of butter and cocoa fudge. And BIl and hubs got to eat the fudgies first, as a reward.


Monday we attended a death anniversary of FIL's friend and that guy's grandson's first birthday (circle of life, yes). We loved the catered food (Albergus), the kids loved running around Heritage Park (try running after three!) and the guests loved that my son danced for them while someone was singing.

Before going home, my boys bonded at CDR-King where hubby bought a new gadget for himself that I couldn't contest because he's stressed. And on the way home, we talked about eulogies, wondering what we'd say about our parents when they pass away.

Then I told him that if I die before him, I know he couldn't really shower me with praises so i've thought up a eulogy for him and Yakee.

"My wife/mother wasn't perfect, but we love her and she loved us." :D

Hubs need not worry... I know I will shower him with praises because even though he's also far from perfect, he's also a really good man. :)


Anyway, it's September now. I promised my family a better Christmas tree this year.

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