Saturday, August 01, 2009

Plurky, Lazy Afternoon

One of the Plurk moms shared that his 3-year old managed to stuff his nose with the fuzzy covering of a tennis ball. She said she managed to get most out except something which she feared her son had ended up swallowing after the little boy sneezed, and the remaining fuzz was gone.

I tried comforting the Mom by saying that it could have been worse. I once read a blogger mom relating the story of her son stuffing his nose with a battery (not the double A kind either) which warranted a trip to the ER.

Another Plurk Mom shared that her 8 year old nephew swallowed a marble after being told by a friend that the marble will make him invisible. Hehe.

Told these stories to Pappie and he basically said, "so you're saying we'd get more stressed in future?" :)

And then, while our son was playing, hubby told me, "Oh No Mommy, he has a tennis ball!" (actually, he's been playing with two for a while now). Before I could even laugh, our son put the ball in a cup and said, "Ice cream!" and proceeded to lick it. Ah well.

Boys. I wonder how they survive childhood.

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