Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Months to Two


Our son is turning two in over two months' time. Already, hubby and I have been talking about how to celebrate it (given that it cannot be helped but be a double celebration). We've already agreed before that there won't be a party like last year. I'm inclined towards renting a hotspring resort in Los BaƱos where our families could stay overnight. We could just have friends come over to let their own kiddos have a dip, we could even tell them it's potluck (but knowing my in laws, for sure, they'd be bringing enough food to feed an army!). Yakee loves to swim so it's the most fitting way to celebrate and a hotspring seems to me to be the healthy, wise choice given that it'd be October and may already be generally cooler.

That, or the beach, of course.

Hubs, on the other hand, is suggesting we take my cousin and his Mom and go to Vigan on a roadtrip. Then we'd pass by the Hundred Islands on our way back to Manila. That's certainly an option too, but he's already sort of invited the rest of his family. And brother-in-law is suggesting we just rent a villa again at Fontana and that it would be cheaper.

I was telling hubs that at the rate we're daydreaming, we might be spending a lot in the end for a birthday celebration that's supposed to be low key. I even kidded that we might as well have a Jollibee party because we'd at least get gifts, hehe.

Howell... we have two months to decide. In the meantime, he used to be really small.

Now, he cannot be ignored anymore. Aside from being Hyper Boy, he's at that stage where he also knows how to make lambing. Plus, he now looks at the camera (finally!) and smiless too. Oh and we've been making praying before bedtime a habit. And he now really listens while I read stories from his books, as if he understands.

We're amazed at how well he handles his toy guitar. In the words of a proud Pappie, he has form. Maybe he will become a musician when he grows up.


On a happy, proud note... Pappie Jojo passed his Polycom certification. I can't really explain the significance of that but suffice it to say that in the I.T. world, he has just added an additional acronym to attach to his name. I am really proud of him because he studied (crammed) hard for this. I am also happy too because he's been ignoring us for several days/nights ever since we got back home from Boracay so he could concentrate on reviewing (cramming). At least, all the time away paid off.

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