Monday, September 28, 2009

Blessed and Grateful

What we went through is not even a fourth of what others went through. A former colleague of mine lost her mother because of the floods brought about by Ondoy. But it's been a trying weekend just the same.

But allow me to focus on the blessings:

1) Thank God that I had a class that hindered us from going to Las Pinas earlier. Because Pappie was home, he and my cousin were able to rescue our ref from the flood, among other things.

2) Thank God for LRT, I was able to go from Vito Cruz to Pedro Gil without risking my neck despite the heavy rains.

3) Thank you to McDonald's and this saleslady in Paco, who gave me plastic bags for my things (because all I had was a paper bag).

4) Thanks to the fact that though we live in an easily-flooded area, it's still pretty much walking distance. So although I had to wade through thigh-high flood waters from Taft to our home, I still got home. And there were many strangers who were kind enough to say which areas to avoid so I don't fall into manholes.

5) Thank God that our actual home is higher than a lot of homes in our street, so we only got leg-high flooding in the other house, and foot-high waters in ours.

6) Although we have soooo many things, they were all generally easy to carry upstairs. And I thank God for keeping me awake in the afternoon, despite my exhaustion, so I got to start salvaging them before the waters got to them.

7) Thank God that Yakee remained safe, despite the falls from the flood (because he kept insisting to play in them), the chairs, the stairs, the bed (because he's hyper and refused to listen). I am also thankful that he doesn't appear to have swallowed any of the flood water when he slipped face down on the water... and that there was no need to brave the rains and flood to rush to the ER for him.

8) I am thankful for breastfeeding. I was not at all worried about my son having a clean something to drink.

9) I am thankful that my cousin has gone to the market so there was food to be cooked. Plus, we have the noodles from the grocery, and all the cannes goods and mashed potatoes that my parents have sent from the US. I didn't have to worry about food. And water.

10) I am also thankful that our electricity was not cut off.

11) Thankfully, my instinct not to panic and worry was right when our son accidentally locked himself in our room. I am also thankful (even if I cried) that my husband loves our son enough to scold me about not staying with Yakee when he expressly told me to do so. And yes, I am thankful for my son's relentless spirit, that he managed to unlock himself out of the room.

12) Thank God we have a second floor.

13) When preparing our MUST-SAVE bag, I couldn't help myself but also feel thankful that if worse comes to worst and we had to flee, there were some things we could save that would really help us... and that I was at least given time to fill a bag.

14) That the rains stopped and we got to clean our homes.

15) That my parents' main concern is for us to clean the houses really well so that the two babies won't ever get sick.

16) That I got to reward my husband with homemade empanada for all his hard work the entire weekend.

17) I am thankful that the two people I love and need most in life are sleeping soundly beside me.

I really hope a lot of people will extend help to those who were affected by Ondoy. And hopefully, this doesn't happen again.

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