Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Bed Rocks

Seriously. It rocks.

See, bed frames these days are not made of the same steel that were used decades ago. Eventhough we bought a fairly expensive one when we got married, the frame supports have all gotten bent out of shape from our combined weight and our son's jumping.

And since we didn't want to take away the frame (I don't want to hassle myself with disposing it) and sleep on the mattress on the floor, and because I don't want us buying a new one before we get a new home, we got a cousin to help fix the frame since it was already giving me back pains and affecting our son's sleep (it takes time for him to find a comfy sleeping position). What my cousin did was add wooden supports underneath, the idea being that our weight will push the steel supports back in their original place and that they'd stay there because there'd be the additional wooden supports. Unfortunately, until that has happened, our bed will continue rocking.

Yakee finds it funny and calls the bed "seesaw".

It wakes hubby and I up though, when the bed tilts a little when we shift positions in bed.

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