Saturday, September 05, 2009

Missing Pappie

Poor hubs.

He left for Malaysia last Thursday. They got him a budget trip from Cebu Pac and he was annoyed that they weren't informed that the travel tax isn't covered yet by that one, so he had to withdraw pa. And then the flight, though not delayed, took a longer time than usual.

They got to KL at 12:30 AM or so. Their hotel was like an hour away from the airport and they had the misfortune of getting a cab driver who was lost twice. Even I (and it seems, Yakee) lost sleep waiting for him to get to their hotel. He was finally settled at past 2:30 AM. Haaay.

Then they also had to travel for several hours to Port Dickson naman.

Anyway, I miss him. And Yakee refuses to settle in his sleep if am not lying down with him. And I pray that hubby gets home safe.

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And I really intend on shopping my heart out to console myself. Ahehe.

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