Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Season for Pilfering - and Birthday Concerns

The books I ordered off Ebay got lost in the mail. 17 books in all. 'Nuff said.


Pappie arrived yesterday from Kuala Lumpur via Cebu Pac. His baggage was tampered with. He locked the main compartment well but forgot that he left his media player in the 2nd (outside compartment). When he got his luggage from the conveyor belt, he saw that it was locked differently na. Since their arrival was 4:30 AM and he was tired, he forgot he had a valuable there and didn't think of reporting it while still at the airport. It was only when he got home that he realized his beloved media player was missing.


How to celebrate my and Yakee's birthday?

See, we're big on celebrations. And I really want another trip to the beach. But now I can't decide on WHEN.

The most practical time would be to have it over the Halloween holidays so that Pappie need not file for more leaves. But that might mean MIL won't come along and we'd be missing trick or treating at Alabang.

One other option is to just rent a pool either in Las Pinas or Pansol (hotsprings so that even if it's cold, the kids can enjoy the water) and make it a family thing. However, am not sure darling cousin will come along if SIL will.

Of course, we could just go, just the three of us, to anywhere so that we need not consider other people. But that would also mean not having US time (me and Pappie).

And yes, we can just drop our travel plans and save the money.


I think it would be best to really just go to Balay Indang (or somewhere similar) over a weekend, with only MIL and cousin. Ahehe.

Or a Jollibee party perhaps?

No wonder hubs is sressed with me!

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