Saturday, October 03, 2009

Birthday Girl Me

Hubs and I slept late because we watched Heroes (Episode 1 & 2) and Grey's Anatomy (episode 1). Then I finished the layout for my nieces' birthday invitation. We woke up at past 9 AM, had breakfast, then I slept again. Hubby said he woke me up 3 times for lunch but I wouldn't budge so he let me be. I woke up at past 4:30 PM.

So yeah, I spent my birthday mostly in bed.

After that, hubby woke up to buy pancit, calamares, lumpiang shanghai and pick up my Alex Franco cake.

Anyway, although I was really disappointed to have spent the whole day in bed, i'm still very grateful that I can afford to do that. Pepeng did not wreak havoc here in Manila so we need not scamper to save our things again from flood. And we're all generally healthy, my baby is thriving and intelligent and hyper (although he's slightly warm these days), I am finding more and more purpose in life, and romance continues to bloom between hubby and I.

Oh and I haven't taken a picture of it yet but hubby gave me a new pair of rubber shoes which I really appreciate. Now, I don't have any excuse not to exercise anymore.

But... I have to feast on cake first :)

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