Monday, October 05, 2009

Sunday Family Date

We are not a very religious family. Sure, I teach Yakee to pray before bedtime and I talk to him about Papa Jesus but we don't often go to Mass.

But since it was my birthday last Saturday, and he will turn two this Wednesday, and Pepeng spared Manila... we went to Mass yesterday.

We've forgotten how charming a place Paco Park is. Since we were a little late when we got there, there wasn't space inside anymore so we heard the Mass from outside. Yakee roamed a lot and was delighted with the water-filled fountain ("swimming Mommy?"). He was also happy with a little boy about his age who he played with. He kept engaging the other boy to run after him and kept signing "go" to the boy. Hehe. I wanted to go around the park with him after the Mass but it started to rain.

Then we went to Manila Ocean Park to check out this relatively new restaurant: Makansutra. Love, love, love the food and ambience. Yakee loved the Michael Jackson drink (which is a soya drink with black beans). He also loved the chopsticks and used them as drum sticks on the wooden chairs. Hubs and I loved the food, especially the Crispy Catfish. And Yakee was blessedly cooperative during dinner, maybe because he hasn't had any beef broth for a long time now since our pressure cooker got broken.

We capped the night off with Alex Franco cake. Yakee loves the mangoes and mousse part of the cake so much though, he's turning into competition! Hmpf!


Meanwhile, Yakee's tantrums continue but he's still such a joy really. And I like the fact that having me around all the time has made him a secure little boy.

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