Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Game Night

One thing I really love about having married my husband is the fact that I also really enjoy his family. I'm not going to say that am really close with my sisters-in-law but we're fond of each other enough to really look forward to spending time together. And at my in-laws', we all sleep together. That's three families (three couples and a kid each) all in one bedroom. We're all even growing fat together because we eat (and binge) together. We cook for each other. We go on trips together. We buy or download movies we'd watch together. We just love hanging out.

And I have always told hubby that I long for the days when our children are a little older and we could play board games and other family games together, without the kids throwing the tokens and such. Each family could be a team or we could sometimes have the kids be their own team, and us Moms will team up together while the Dads all team together. Momsy could coach the kids.

I believe that will make the kids look forward more to the visits to Momsy (grandma) and the weekend will be more productive as nobody will be Farming and the Dads won't be watching the History channel. Plus, as a big family, we would be able to teach our kids about having good, clean fun. We can teach them together about winning honestly and losing gracefully. And with Family Game Night's Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice, we should be able to also expand their knowledge!

Part of homeschooling's success is making learning fun and teaching values within a family atmosphere. Family Game Nights will be one treat that am sure everybody will be all the more richer for after, and having a game or two handy will be super worth it because we could take it even in out-of-town trips. Plus, it's really important that we teach our kids that hanging out with the parents and the whole clan can even be cooler than hanging out with just friends.

Of course, someday, their friends will be welcome too.


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