Monday, November 16, 2009

The Sweet, Cool Date

I had a make up class last Friday and hubs decided to fetch me after and take me on a date. I was pleasantly surprised of what he had in mind. BAGABERDE, with Side A and Malik performing that night.

Pappie had iced tea and some vodka beer drink while I had two Cali Ices with our calamares, rice, beef caldereta and nachos. And he told me about his teenage obsession over Side A and we talked about high school concerts we went to where Side A was performing. And Side A, as a band, did not disappoint! It was really tres cool to be in a bar again, the first time since i've become a mother (and no, Manong's and Dencio's don't count). It was weird, of course. And it was a struggle not to think of our son (eventhough we only stayed till 12 MN). But I really had a great time and it felt good just hanging out with my husband. I guess it's really a struggle for us right now not to see each other as spouse and parent so it's really liberating to be just singing along to songs with him, laughing about how other people dance.

I think we really should try a picnic at Luneta just for laughs... anything new, fresh, fun and silly, to keep the romance going.

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