Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to All


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Life is fragile.

That's one thing we realized yet again on Christmas eve. We were just going to do some last minute shopping at Rob Malate and Pappie and I decided to separate so we could finish on time. Yakee came with him.

Pappie miscalculated the steps going down to where CDR King was at the 3rd level coming from the foodcourt, and stumbled forward. He was carrying Yakee who was facing him so the back of our son's head hit the floor. Hard.

We were very concerned because Yakee usually bounces back easily from falls and stumbles. This time, he was really sad and looked really hurt. At the pedia's clinic in Healthway, he started vomiting so we were advised to go to Madocs for a CT Scan, just so we can rest easy for Christmas.

I was crying while waiting outside the radiology room as I texted friends and family for prayers. The scan showed nothing wrong but Yakee is to be observed for signs of head injury (lethargy, too much sleeping, awkwardness, grogginess, severe vomiting, convulsions, high fever, etc). So far, he's vomited thrice already, but he really also has a bad cough and we feel it's mostly phlegm that he's barfing out.

Poor Pappie felt so bad and I knew it. Several times, my tears fell because I was so scared. It could easily have been worse. And at Christmastime too.

But we are lucky. Blessed with a seemingly resilient son, the resources to have him checked, the support and prayers of family and friends. So it's still a very happy Christmas.

We have to forego certain plans however.

And we found out what Yakee will really like to have when he went to bed with his cousin's erasable tablet.

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