Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family Day at the Aerospace Museum

Because it was Taguig Day Tuesday last week, hubby could stay home and we decided to amuse our son the entire day.

But first, Pappie and Yakee made a ship from cardboard the night before. Yakee was ecstatic about the helicopter on the ship which was why they also assembled the wooden helicopter the following day, and how I remembered that we should go to the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum.

The Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum is located in Villamor Air Base. Yakee had great fun there and it is a really cheap place to go to and just let your kid have fun running about in the yard where the planes are. The garden (and the dust on the plants) sort of triggered son's allergies though, hehe.

sigh. perfect picture right?

We went to MOA after and the World Bazaar after that. Sure enough, Yakee was super tired but he enjoyed the bonding time. And it wasn't like we spent so much shopping.

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